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Providing Trusted and Qualified
CBT Training Programs for
Mental Health Professional
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CBT Indonesia is officially an affiliate member of The Asian Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Association (ACBTA)


Qualified Trainer

Our trainer has years of experience using CBT in various clinical settings, with some of the trainers accredited by A-CBT

Teaching Methods

We combine formal presentations, clinical discussions, action plans, videos, and role-play.

Virtual Workshops

You could attain have a legitimate CBT education remotely, even within the comfort of your living room with a cup of coffee at arm’s reach.

Our Profesional CBT Trainer
Insan Firdaus, M.Psi., Psikolog
  • Certified CBT from Cleveland Centre for Cognitive Therapy

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Nindhita Priscilla Muharrani, M.Sc
  • Msc Eating Disorder and Clinical Nutrition

  • Registered Nutritionist

Firman Ramdhani, M.Psi., Psikolog
  • Certified CBT Therapist from Academy of Cognitive and Behavioral Therapies (A-CBT)

Ray Zairaldi, S.Psi
  • CBT Trainer

  • Counselor Addiction



Frequently Asked Questions section contains answers to common questions about CBT Indonesia. If you have any other questions, don't hesitate to ask on Instagram @cbt.indonesia.

When will workshop X be held again?

All the latest workshop schedules will be updated through Instagram @cbt.indonesia and the website

Will all workshop participants receive a certificate?

All participants will receive a certificate if they attend the entire series of workshop sessions and fill in the attendance sheet.

Is there a video recording of the material shared with participants?

Please note that currently CBTI does not provide workshop recordings for participants.

How much time is spent on one batch of workshops?

One batch of workshops is typically held for 5-7 sessions, with each session lasting 3-8 hours

Our Client

In addition to providing workshops and certification for individuals, CBTI also accepts workshops for groups, organizations, or institutions.

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