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We collaborating with a nutritionist specialized in eating disorders from our beloved partner Mind Your Meal. In this way, you will get materials from both the nutrition and the CBT therapist sides to increase your rate of success with your clients. The materials include the epidemiology of eating disturbance, assessment, brain and behavior, cognitive model, treatment plan, coping with hunger, scheduling healthy eating and stress related eating disorders.

CBT for Eating Disorders

What You Will Learn?

Range of eating disorder across age groups. Etiology dan assessment of eating disorders acroos age.


Family/caregiver for eating disorders in adolescent, adult and children. Nutrition management for eating disorders.


Medical treatment, emergency situation, and clinical manifestation across age. Range of psychological therapies in eating disorders; case study


Overview the Cognitive Model, Research, and Dysfunctional Cognitions


Initiating Treatment, and Structuring Sessions, Accountability Assessment, Treatment Considerations


Coping with psychological Issues : Feeling Overwhelmed, discouraged, deprived, disappointed, apathetic, low self esteem,rigidity, body image.


Coping with Hunger, Cravings, and Emotional Eating


The Long Haul, Maintenance, Reluctant Dieters and Real Life Compromises-


CBT for Eating Disorder is the one of Specialization Workshop in CBTI

Importance Information

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