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Registered Nutritionist/
Eating Disorders Specialist

Nindhita Priscillia Muharrani, M.Sc 

Nindhita Priscillia Muharrani S.Gz, MSc is a registered nutritionist who obtained her bachelor's degree in Nutrition from Universitas Indonesia. Awarded with the Indonesia Endowment Fund for Education (LPDP), she earned her master's degree in Eating Disorders and Clinical Nutrition at University College London. 


Throughout her study and professional engagements, she has been exposed to intensive eating disorders, clinical science, and treatment courses for all age groups.  She aspires to develop services and apply them to the Indonesian setting. She served as a placement student for an eating disorders community service for young people in East London National Health Service (NHS) Foundation throughout the period of her study. 

She works as a researcher in a regional centre for food and nutrition covering Southeast Asia countries. With a keen interest in contributing to combat nutrition issues in Indonesia, she has developed several platforms, including Lafami Indonesia, 8detik and Mind Your Meal.


Her roles as a co-founder and nutrition director in each platform are mainly to address nutrition and eating disorders as well as creating promotional and educational campaigns and services.

Workshops by Nindhita
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CBT for Eating Disorder
Batch 2
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