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Firman Ramdhani M.Psi.,Psikolog


Firman Ramdhani is a clinical psychologist from Indonesia. He worked at Brawijaya Duren Tiga Hospital and Personality Development Center, both located in South Jakarta. He is also a lecturer at Universitas Al Azhar’s Faculty of Psychology, Jakarta. He is listed as a Case Manager at the Ministry of Social Services’ Galih Pakuan Drug Rehabilitation Facility. Firman Ramdhani is also active in helping various mental health communities and is currently developing his own mental health platform,


He graduated as a clinical psyhologist in 2013 from Universitas Indonesia, Depok. He started to learn Cognitive Behavior Therapy in 2016, supervised by Ray Zairaldy, S.Psi and Insan Firdaus, M.Psi., Psikolog from Cognitive-Based Recovery Center.  He also took a cognitive therapy course from the Cleveland Center for Cognitive Therapy by James Pretzer Ph,D and Barbara Flemming Ph,D in 2018, and is planning on pursuing a diplomat degree from A-CBT and certification from Beck Institute.


Firman Ramdhani has worked with various psychological disorder cases, such as anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, substance use disorder, and schizophrenia. In his work, he also helps clients’ families in developing a healthy support system while patients are in treatment. From this experience, he developed his interest in using applications of Cognitive Behavior Therapy in parenting areas.

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