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Certification Process

CBTI certification Process

  1. Submit an application to the CBTI certification program. The application form contains basic professional information including professional background, clinical training, resume, letter of recommendation.

  2. After the documents accepted, the trainee is required to complete courses for level 1:​ 

  • Fundamental CBT: 27 hours

  • CBT for depression: 21 hours

  • CBT for Stress and Anxiety: 21 hours

  • CBT for Personality Disorder: 27 hours

Level 2

  • 2 specialty topics courses

   3. Completed the exam for a minimum score of 80%.

   4. Successfully complete intensive 10 hours (level 1) and 20 hours (level 2) supervision with an expert member of CBTI.

   4. Attest that you have treated 10 cases using CBT and completed 5 Cognitive Conceptualization Diagram (CCD) and 5 full Case write-ups.

   5. Submit 45 minutes session accompanying by required materials (case write up and Cognitive Conceptualization Diagram). CBTI               credentialling Comittes will decide the certification based on these materials.

    6. After passed the evaluation trainee will be given a certified Cognitive Behavior Therapist by CBTI.

    7. Finally, supervisors will guide the new certified CBT (level 1) to join the evaluation by A-CBT. In this stage, the new CBT therapist is required to submit the same 45-minute session (the one that evaluated by CBTI)  accompanying materials according to the A-CBT requirement for certification.

Question about these steps? FAQs

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