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Early Career Scholarships

Professor & Students

To actualize our mission to produce and advance many CBT therapists in Indonesia, CBTI opens an annual scholarship competition to support early-career mental health professionals. The competition is dedicated to early graduated professionals in the field of health and mental health including but not limited to psychologists, psychiatric nurses, social workers, and psychiatrists, no more than three years after graduating.


The requirements are:

  1. Graduated for no more than three years from the following professional education but not limited to: psychology, psychiatric nursing, social work, counseling, and psychiatry.

  2. Recent resume. Applicants are encouraged to share any achievements, awards, research, or other accomplishments related to their program of study.

  3. Two recommendation letters from supervisors.

  4. Motivation letter related to the applicant's interest in CBT and how CBT will improve their professional career in the future.

  5. Committed to finishing the certification program.



Scholarship benefits

  1. 100 % Free of tuition fee for the certification program but not including the fee for A-CBT certification.

  2. Similar privilege as a regular certification program.

  3. No strings attached!

Scholarship Application

  • Scholarship entries are being accepted through January and will be evaluated starting in February. Winners will be notified in late February.

  • Each year CBTI will award only one granted applicant.

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