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Who we are?


CBTI was founded by Insan Firdaus, who strongly advocates the principle that psychological interventions must apply evidence-based (EB) approaches. We believe that professionals are challenged with limited resources in continuing education in Indonesia, and it is one of the prominent factors as to why most mental health practitioners do not practice this approach. For this reason, CBTI aims to provide education for Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) in Indonesia. 


Founder Insan Firdaus is a licensed clinical psychologist from Indonesia who had his CBT training from Cleveland Center for Cognitive Therapy by James Pretzer Ph.D., and Barbara Flemming Ph.D. He is also a qualified cognitive therapist accredited by A-CBT. With his background, he aspires to provide fellow Indonesian clinicians with adequate to advanced training in CBT, and to connect them to A-CBT certification. This way, CBTI may place Indonesian clinicians on the map of the CBT worldwide community.

Our mission

CBTI is committed to providing legitimate continuing education to become a qualified cognitive behavior therapist. The trainee will be prepared to join the examination by the Academy of Cognitive Behavioral Therapies (A-CBT) for becoming a qualified cognitive therapist.

CBTI strives to deliver excellent CBT materials. We deliver trusted resources for the training materials based on recent research.

CBTI encourages knowledge sharing in an open-minded fashion to all members. We created a CBT community as an interactive platform for CBT therapists across Indonesia to discuss CBT, professional networking, and learning purposes.

CBTI supports any professionals who aim to learn and practice the CBT approach. 

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